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RAPT – PT Slab Design Series (2/4)

  • Suitable for: Structural Engineers, Civil Engineering Graduates
  • Chosen by: Professionals working in Bonacci Group,  Enstruct, Robert Bird Group, Eclipse Consulting, ACE Consulting Group, FMG Engineering, Smart Structures Australia, etc.
  • Length: Total 5 hours
  • Access: 6 months access on mobile & PC
  • Resources: Course booklet to be delivered

What is RAPT:

RAPT is a 2D analysis and design program developed in Australia, its simple and user friendly environment made it a popular program for design of RC and Post Tensioned Concrete Slabs. It is used at both tendering (concept design) and detailed design stage. So regardless of where you work, a consulting firm or a PT sub contractor,  RAPT skill would be considered as one of the crucial skills which will help you fast track your career.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand multiple structural load paths used in suspended slabs and required RAPT runs in a given plan
  • Learn how to create Slab and Beam runs using RAPT, define various inputs from geometry to design parameters
  • Analysis the RAPT outputs and what is critical to check and ensure code requirements for a structural element

Course Outline:

  • Slab Structural Load Path:
    –    One-way & Two-Way Slabs, Beams,
    –   Intro to Strong Band, Strut-Tie, Columns
    –   Examples of Structural Load Path Various One-Way and Two-Way Slabs
  • Create Slab Runs in RAPT:
    –   Define Slab/Support geometry
    –   Define Design Parameters
    –   Calculate Required Tendons and Model them
    –   Understand RAPT outputs and how to read results
  • Create Beam runs using RAPT:
    –   Create Beam Runs
    –   Read and Check Outputs
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Structural Load Path
RAPT Modelling & Design
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Halil akdeniz
Posted 3 months ago
Very informative and simple

I found this tutorial to be highly informative. Even as an experienced user, some of the information was new to me. The course content is broken down in a structured way which permits a more effective and efficient way of learning. Keep it up.

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Minh Ho
Posted 12 months ago
Informative and practical course

The course is very informative and useful for who wants to commence learning RAPT. Strongly recommended.

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Kamal Bagherzadeh
Posted 1 year ago

RAPT is a commonly used structural engineering software in the Australian market and no training course had been provided before. I got very practical and deep knowledge of RAPT and PT system through this course. The course was very well explained and I strongly recommend this course to the Structural Engineers interested in PT system.

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Sam Rad
Posted 1 year ago
Actual project modelling

Working on actual project made it very easy to learn the complicated process of modeling and design

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