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Why Technical Training

Construction projects require the involvement of various sub-contractors who are often left on their own to do the job. This potentially creates multiple risks at various stages of the project, from design all the way to inspection on site. If the project work is not controlled, it could lead to defects and in turn huge rectification costs.

The question is, how can we reduce construction project defects and failures? One of the most effective ways is to equip the construction crew with meticulous coordination and management skills shaped by solid technical knowledge.  

Reduce Risks & defects

It is rare to find proper training within the Construction Industry that focuses on technical topics that empowers people to manage construction projects confidently. Each subcontractor is in charge of their own technical scope of work, leaving many high risk items like structures with residual defects and quality issues.  

That’s why we have developed educational content focusing on the technical side of the work done and not just soft skills. The goal is to help reduce potential risks and improve the quality of construction projects.

Proven by 700+ construction staff

Our Strong Points

Since 2017, we’ve delivered our courses to a wide range of members of the Construction Industry. The course participants included construction managers, operation managers, site managers, project managers, design managers, site supervisors, project engineers, site engineers, foremen, contract administrators, project coordinators etc.

All our courses have been rated very highly by the participants, the average rating score being 96%.

Also from our knowledge assessments conducted before and after the training, participants have improved their scores from an average of 54% (before) to 88% (after). This improvement in scores highlights the efficiency and benefits of our training courses.

Course quality
"High or Very High" 97%
Course rating
"Informative & Practical" 96%
Increased level of confidence on site
"I Gained Confidence on Site" 90%
Recommend to others
"Definitely Recommend" 96%

Proven by tier 1 builders

developed by Industry professionals

Due to the high demand within the Construction Industry to up skill teams with relevant technical knowledge, our courses have been developed in close collaboration with reputable industry professionals. Our courses are thoroughly reviewed and quality assured by many senior quality directors/managers from major builders such as Lendlease, Multiplex, Hansen Yuncken, Watpac, Probuild, Laing O’Rourke, Buildcorp, Parkview Group etc.

As a dedicated training provider we conduct regular quality checks by seeking advice from a broad range of construction professionals. As a result we constantly update our courses in accordance with recent industry trends and provide accurate content. 

Training Delivery Options

3D, VR Online Courses, Webinars, & Blended Solutions

As a construction worker, finding time away from work to devote a day to a training workshop is very difficult. So, our clients found online learning the perfect fit for their on-site workers.

We make our courses unique and engaging by having VR site tours, real props demonstration plus 3D and practical videos. Also, all our online courses are accompanied by an individual assessment guide that enables management to check the learning progress of the course participant.  

The Blended Solution is a combination of interactive webinar and supplementary online courses. Interactive webinars are just like face-to-face workshops. We have adopted the best technology to provide a real-time interactive experience. Management can also check a participant’s attendance and engagement level.

Blended Solution (Interactive Webinars + Online Course)

This proven package combines single or multi day interactive webinars and online courses with individual assessments and reports.

Online Only

This is the best value for the money program offering unlimited access to a broad range of online courses with individual online assessments and reports.

For a Team Size of 50+

More Corporate Benefits

Corporate Membership

Yearly corporate memberships offer competitive discount rates for almost all courses with unlimited access for purchased courses. Also you have the benefit of receiving course updates reflecting the latest industry practices.

Course Development
(Graduate Program)

Engage us to develop technical training courses for your team's needs including VR and interactive contents. Our team of proven professionals in the Construction Industry will deliver the most practical and innovative courses.

Contents Licensing
&Link with Your System

Connect with our LMS or host our course library inside your internal learning management /HR system for direct and efficient access by your staff. You will also be able to manage your staff's progress and monitor their learning outcomes.

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