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TeleTraining provides technical training for the Construction Industry. Construction projects involve many sub-contractors who have a wide range of expertise, making it difficult to digest all relevant information confidently.

We’ve always believed that technical topics can be delivered in ways that are efficient and easy to understand, helping participants to digest the knowledge easier and check the scope of works from a technical point of view. 

The Most Practical

To deliver the most practical content, our courses have been developed in close collaboration with reputable industry professionals and thoroughly reviewed by major construction company members including senior quality managers.

Now our technical courses have become crucial to helping Construction Industry personnel gain the right level of competence to deal with projects. Our Courses are delivered to over 700 staff from tier 1-2 builders and over 200 engineers in Australia.

Construction Focus

We solely focus on the Construction Industry. We believe that technical knowledge helps staff to deliver better and higher quality projects.

Developed by Industry Professionals

All our instructors are subject matter experts. Industry experts are involved in all areas of our courses, from curriculum development to quality reviews.

Proven by 700+ construction staff

Our training has been thoroughly reviewed by tier 1-2 builders, quality managers and endorsed by their staff who have undertaken the courses.

96% of average
course rating

'Extremely practical, informative, engaging' are the keywords mostly used to describe our courses. Quality courses are our most valuable asset. We are extremely proud of our courses.

Our Mission

Why TeleTraining

TeleTraining was founded to provide a solution to address the urgent need for practical training in the Construction Industry. Since TeleTraining’s inception we have focused on technical training that will immediately benefit the Construction Industry.

Before TeleTraining no educational provider had developed practical and technical content from a project management perspective, our training has been highly appreciated.

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