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Leverage Your Expertise In The Construction Industry

Are you working as an engineer, manager or associate in the Construction Industry? Do you possess broad industry knowledge and are highly skilled in your field? 

Then do not limit yourself to your current firm. The Construction Industry needs your expertise. TeleTraining will enable you to share your knowledge to help improve the standard of the  Construction Industry. 

Earn Extra Income

Earn extra income using the expertise you've already gained throughout your career.

Flexible Working Hours

Maintain your current career in the industry. Work with us whenever your schedule suits and without impacting your primary income.

Meet Potential Clients

Broaden your network by showcasing your competencies and capabilities to the industry and potential clients and leverage the opportunity to win future work.

Apply For Various Roles - Instructor, Reviewer, Etc

If you are competent and skilful, but too busy or shy to teach? It's fine. join us as a course outline designer or content reviewer.

Full Course Development Support

You don't need to know how to shoot or edit a video. Just bring your knowledge, we will handle all the rest.

Full Marketing and Sales Support

Don't worry about marketing, sales, logistics. We will do our best to sell your courses to a broader customer range.

Proven Outcome With Us

Instructors' Success Story

Joel (A Geo technical engineer)

"I am building my reputation in industry"

Since 2017, I have been working with TeleTraining delivering live workshops & webinars & developing online courses. By delivering quality training, I’ve gained an industry reputation and proved my competence to a wide range of professionals and clients.

Phil's (A structural engineer)

"my skills turned into my secondary income"

I’ve been working with TeleTraining as a presenter for almost a year now. I have met many tier 1 builders whom are my potential clients and gained a secondary income, which I truly enjoy and feel I have accomplished a great deal too.

Shahab (A Director of engineering firm)

"We've got a new builder client"

I work with TeleTraining by sharing my experience and knowledge with construction companies and it helped my firm to build relationship with builders and bring projects to my firm.  


How Can I become an instructor?


TeleTraining aims to develop valuable courses for the Construction Industry. With us, you can either design the courses, present the workshops/webinars or publish online e-learning courses. You can choose to do some or all of the aforementioned activities depending on your goals.

Your course could be delivered to Australia’s top 10 construction companies plus professionals in all levels of consultancies, not only within Australia but also overseas depending on the demand.

Sure. Many instructors working with us have enhanced their reputation and increased their exposure to potential clients. Quality courses can expand your reputation and provide extra income at the same time.

Sure. All of our instructors work with us on a part time basis or as a side project as they have their full-time job. You can choose your availability to suit your needs. Also we will support you with  time-consuming tasks  such as course development, marketing/sales. 

Leave us a message briefly introducing yourself, nominating the courses you are planning to deliver and your availability. We will contact you soon after examining your skills and our audiences’ needs. We may run a reference check to  confirm your competencies and experience.

Depending on your involvement level, we will agree on either a sales percentage basis or an hourly rate for payment to complete the project.

TeleTraining can help with most associated activities such as course design, development marketing, advertising, and sales. Therefore, instructors can allocate their time more productively and enjoy a secondary income, engage with potential builder clients and build their reputation within the industry.

Absolutely. If your course is beneficial for the Construction Industry, why not? Please contact us.

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