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Introduction to Waterproofing Systems

  • Suitable for: Builders, Site or Project Engineers/Managers, Architects, Structural Engineers
  • Length: Total 3 hours
  • Access: 6 months of access on mobile & PC

Master Managing Waterproofing Works within just 3 hours

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone managing, designing or even applying waterproofing systems on-site. Especially, if you are a builder, site or project engineer/manager, architect or even a structural engineer. This course is a must-do as it covers the principles behind common detailing involved in a waterproofing system and the whys.

What are covered?

• What is a Waterproofing System and why do we need it?
• What are the Installation Steps for a waterproofing membrane?
• What are the different Types of Waterproofing Membranes and their application?
• What factors would impact the Design of a Waterproofing System?
• What are the Building Types & Locations that would impact a waterproofing System?
• What are the Area Types & Locations that would impact a waterproofing System?
• What are the Area Geometry and Joints which could impact a waterproofing system?
• How do the Substrate Materials and their properties impact a waterproofing system?
• How do Services and their properties impact a waterproofing system?
• How do Adjoining Elements and their properties impact a waterproofing system?
• How do the Surface Finishing Properties impact a waterproofing system?
• What is the Design Approach for a waterproofing system and the related Codes and Standards used in Australia?

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Our construction management course participants include construction managers, site managers, project managers, design managers, site supervisors, project engineers, site engineers, foremen, design engineers, architects, etc.

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Quality Checked by Waterproofing Subject Matter Experts

We engaged and sought feedback from a team of industry experts when developing the Introduction to Waterproofing System course. Special thanks to Ron from DanRae group, Michael from Enviro Systems, Andrew from Lendlease, Steve from Watpac Constructions and also Sam from Enviro Systems, Daniel & Renee from the DanRae group, Felicity from Lendlease and last but not least, Patrick from Hansen Yuncken who contributed the most during the development of the course. Patricks’ extensive experience in defect management, particularly waterproofing and weatherproofing defect avoidance and rectification, helped us to ensure all the aspects of waterproofing works have been discussed during the course including the design, preparation and installation stage.

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Posted 2 months ago
Application of waterproofing

Good overview of waterproofing.

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Posted 7 months ago
Great course

Very informative and entertaining, would recommend to my colleagues!

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James Nelson
Posted 8 months ago
Comprehensive, thoroughly researched, includes design and practical

This course is a fast, comprehensive and engaging way to understand good practice in waterproofing; it is thoroughly researched and accurate, inclusive of waterproofing system application but also design considerations for wet area construction and practical views on what can go wrong and how to do it right.

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Kevin Hyde
Posted 9 months ago
Very informative course - lengthy but informative

The only detail a bit lacking was how to bond a screed to a debonded waterproofing product - like a solvent based polyeurethane membrane. Builders generally want speed in the process and are not aware that tie/broadcast coats are required which add about 3 days to the process. If a screed is debonded a 40mm minimum thickness is required internally and 50mm externally - all areas.

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Jason Richter
Posted 10 months ago

Really interactive and fun

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Mike Petzke Regional Quality Manager at Lendlease
Posted 1 year ago
An informative short course

Good course informative with content relative to the industry requirements. Great knowledge refresher for anyone involved in construction and wanting to understand waterproofing systems.

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Luke May Quality Engineer at Buildcorp
Posted 1 year ago
Practical and Knowledgeable

I liked this course because it is very practical to what actually happens on site and in the industry rather than just being a general overview of waterproofing in general. It discusses specific issues that happen with membrane and suggests ways to prevent this from occurring.

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SVuckovic Senior Design Manager at Hansen Yuncken
Posted 1 year ago

Very Informative & Easy to Follow

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lee djusic Project Manager at John Holland
Posted 1 year ago
Good Content

Great course for design managers

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Ben Styles Project Engineer at Hansen Yuncken
Posted 1 year ago
Comprehensive Course

The course covered all essential items that someone in my role (Quality) would need to be aware of

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