Technical Training for Construction Companies

Do Construction Companies Need to Provide Technical Training for Site Crews?

Site Crew Competency and Technical Training

Construction projects rely on a system of delegation. Tasks are divided among sub-contractors who are responsible for completing their own work. Sub-contractors have to complete work to specification. And, unless they’re properly supervised, they also have to pick up on their own mistakes and rectify them by themselves.

However, this system of delegation creates risks. It’s possible for mistakes to be made by sub-contractors at all stages of a construction project. That’s why it’s so important for main contractors to ensure that the work on their projects is fully supervised by a competent site crew.

The question is how can the main contractor make sure that works requiring a high level of technical knowledge, like concrete placement or post-tensioning, are properly supervised by their staff?

They need to be proactive. Contractors need to ensure that their crews are equipped with the right technical knowledge to competently supervise the work that taking place on their sites.

Do Site Crews Really Need Extra Training?

Ensuring sufficient levels of knowledge among site crews is a difficult job for construction contractors. While site crews and staff, such as site engineers, are generally well trained, their skills don’t always match the tasks they’re faced with.

When it comes to supervising work requiring specific technical knowledge, it can be very helpful for site staff to understand all the ‘how’s, ‘why’s and ‘what’s behind the work that’s being done.

In some cases, this helps them to do their job more easily. And, in other cases, sufficient levels of knowledge turn out to be crucial in ensuring competent management of work on site.

Our Technical Training Courses are Designed for Site Crews

TeleTraining’s courses have been designed and developed to help builders cover knowledge gaps in their site crews.

By providing focused, technical training to your crew, you can make life easier for them and reduce the risk of expensive and disruptive mistakes.

What Areas do TeleTraining Courses Cover?

Our courses cover 4 main areas in construction: concrete structures, steel structures, waterproofing and groundworks.

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Look at the results we have been able to achieve. Over the past 5 years, our training courses have helped to fill important knowledge gaps for construction companies.

Before training, we asked trainees some basic questions like ‘Why do we grout precast concrete joints?’ from our trainees, only 54% knew the answer before training, which revealed a surprising lack of knowledge. After training, however, this increased to 88%.

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Training for Anyone, Anywhere

Since 2017, we’ve delivered courses to people from a wide range of roles within the construction industry. Course participants on TeleTraining courses include site engineers, project engineers, project managers, design managers, foremen, contract administrators and more.

We understand that finding the time to arrange in-person training can be difficult in the construction industry. That’s why so many construction companies and professionals find our online learning to be the perfect fit.

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