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WALLAP – Shoring Design Software

  • Suitable for: Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineering Graduates who are looking for a job in engineering consultancies in construction industry
  • Chosen by: Professionals working in Rix Group, ADE Group, JSBC Consulting, Smart Structures Australia, Bonacci Group, etc.
  • Length: Total 6 hours
  • Access: 6 months access on mobile & PC
  • Resources: Course booklet to be delivered

What is WALLAP:

WALLAP is a powerful and user-friendly software for analysing the stability of cantilevered and propped retaining walls. WALLAP is suitable for the analysis of both temporary works, such as sheet pile walls, and permanent works such as reinforced concrete diaphragm walls and contiguous bored pile walls. When modelling in Wallap, defining right soil parameters and correct construction stages are super crucial as it will result in totally different deflection and internal forces.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn geotechnical principles behind designing a shoring wall
  • Gain primary knowledge of using WALLAP, from modelling to analysis options
  • Review structural design of shoring wall components like piles

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to WALLAP and review of WALLAP Capacity
  • Introduction to different type of retaining walls for deep excavations
  • Guidance on reviewing the geotechnical report and gathering necessary parameters
  • Modelling soil properties , ground water in WALLAP
  • Define wall types and  struts, anchors properties
  • Model external loads and surcharges
  • Model construction staging
  • Interpret analysis results
  • Introduction to limit state design principles
  • Structural shoring wall design
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Joel Huang

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  • 14 Lessons
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Damir Soric
Posted 1 week ago
Detailed soil investigation and testing to arrive at realistic soil parameters

Very good course, the presentation is excellent, question time is also very informative. I would find a few worked examples very useful for future practice

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Yumeng Liu
Posted 3 weeks ago
Shoring Design

Most of the wallap design and inputs are covered

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George Moses
Posted 2 months ago
Shoring design using WALLAP

This is a very detailed course about the use of WALLAP for the design of shoring system. Every input in the WALLAP is explained in detail.

Preview Image
Michael Lim
Posted 3 months ago
Have gained a more thorough understanding on WALLAP modelling and analysis

Now i can confidently perform a Wallap analysis knowing its capabilities and limitations, and perform proper sanity checks on the modelling output.

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Kamal Bagherzadeh
Posted 2 years ago
Very informative

I found the course very informative and comprehensive. The course was delivered well and I recommend it to every one wants to develop his knowledge of shoring wall design and Geotechnical Engineering.

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Honge Han
Posted 2 years ago
Good teacher

Joel is a good teacher and mentor. He is very patient and knowledgeable .I have learned a lot from him.

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Sam Rad
Posted 2 years ago
Very thorough

Made me very confident with soil parameters and inputs in wallap

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