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RAM Concept Advanced – PT Slab Design Series (4/4)

  • Suitable for: Structural Engineers, Civil Engineering Graduates
  • Chosen by: Professionals working in Bonacci Group,  Enstruct, Robert Bird Group, Eclipse Consulting, ACE Consulting Group, FMG Engineering, Smart Structures Australia, etc.
  • Length: Total 6 hours
  • Access: 6 months access on mobile & PC
  • Resources: Course booklet to be delivered

What is RAM Concept:

RAM Concept software is the most commonly used finite element program for Post Tensioned slab design throughout Australia, This software skill is a highly recognized in construction industry and adding it to you resume will give you much higher chance to get a job or be promoted to a higher position.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attain advanced knowledge and skills of using RAM Concept Program to fix errors and read outputs
  • Apply relevant part of AS3600 when using RAM Concept software
  • Go through multiple complicated models to fix warnings and how to plot various design outputs

You Will Learn:

  • RAM Concept – hints and quick overview of different sections
  • Design Strip Trimming options and where to use each case
  • Deflection and load history and how to model different load cases
  • Study RAM outputs and plot options for section and strip
  • What RAM doesnot design for
  • Quick hints on vibration analysis/raft design using RAM

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Course Includes

  • 19 Lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • 6 CPD Points

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Liangpeng Chen
Posted 7 months ago
Very informative and professional, highly recommended.

I have learned a lot from the course. Very practical examples were introduced during the course to understand how RAM concept does the calculation.

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Posted 1 year ago
Really good learning experience

This online course covers all advanced aspects of the software and explains all settings required to obtain reliable results by using different examples and numerous hints. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to apply this knowledge in a professional environment.

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Saj Raad
Posted 1 year ago
Very technical

It was very technical and full of practical examples covering design strips and design outputs. The plot menu was well explained and all hidden capibilities of ram were shown.

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