Coupon Terms and Conditions


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Redeeming your Coupon

1. Simply make a purchase on

2. Pay before the coupon expiration date.

3. Enter the coupon code in checkout on when prompted.


Coupon Terms and Conditions

1. The coupon code, the expiration date of the coupon, the redemption limit of the coupon and the discount which applies to the coupon will be set forth on the coupon itself.

2. The coupon is valid from the date you receive the coupon, until the expiration stated on the coupon, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Coupon Terms and Conditions. The coupon expiration is based on the Australian Eastern Standard Time

3. The coupon discount (and any minimum spend requirements), as set forth on the coupon itself, is toward the purchase price of eligible items on

4. The coupon must be redeemed in a single transaction.

5. The purchase you make, and all actions you take to redeem this coupon, must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and TeleTraining’s Terms and conditions

6. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon

7. This coupon has no cash value

8. This coupon is void where prohibited.

9. Any refund you may be entitled to receive will not include the coupon or its redemption value. You will receive no more than the amount you actually paid towards your purchase price.

10. Use of automated devices or programs for coupon redemption is prohibited.

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