TeleTraining Provides The Most Practical Training for Construction Engineers in Australia

In the construction industry, engineers' skill and capability is the most important asset. But due to the hectic nature of industry, many engineers are too busy to handle every day job rather than keep themselves fully skillful and knowledgeable. Also most of the training are theoretical, not up-to-dated or boring. TeleTraining was founded to tackle these issues. We aim to enable all construction engineers fully capable with all the necessary skill and knowledge by delivering quality, practical and up-to-date training.

We are team of all experienced senior engineers

TeleTraining are team of senior engineers who have years of experience as engineers in construction industry. We believe only senior engineers who have a lot of experience in construction industry can provide the practical knowledge. For example, we teach construction site's actual problem and how to solve the problem, which only can be learned from industry experts. That is why every of TeleTraining's customers are very satisfied with our training.