TeleTraining is an Australia's leading technical training provider for engineers in construction industry

We aim to enable all engineers fully capable with all the necessary skill and knowledge by delivering customized training. We provide corporate training, workshop/seminar, training development, online courses for both companies and individual engineers in construction industry.

1. Corporate Training

Corporate Training is the most efficient way to train your company’s engineer. Whether your company is construction companies or consulting company, we provide the corporate training service as per your special needs and budget. In the first meeting, we conduct free consultation. We adjust training contents based on your company’s situation to make sure we can deliver right contents to your engineers. Corporate Training is our pride. Every training, more than 90% of customers answered that our training is very high quality and strongly recommend to others. We’ve been delivering this service to major construction companies such as LendLease and ICON.

2. Technical Workshop

TeleTraining provides various workshops/seinars throughout the year. Agenda of the workshop is different every time. So you can find the workshop that suits your needs. The beauty of the workshop is you can learn highly technical knowledge directly from the industry experts. TeleTraining’s proven industry experts will help you to learn further with most professional skillsets. You will gain much confidence even right after one workshop.

3. Training Development

TeleTraining uses various design and development tools and technology to produce an engaging and interactive training materials including presentation slides, hand0out notes, videos, infographics and animations. The materials are developed by experienced engineers working in industry and addressing the right knowledge gap which is required in real practice. I am sure we will have an exceptional solution for your content development project which will be within your budget. Let's talk about your needs and see how we can help.

4. Online Course

Online courses are developed for convenient learning. You can see 1000+ videos in your desktop or mobile anytime. There are various courses in online from the very basic topics to very technical program usage. You can search and select anything you want to learn more.