1. What is a workshop?

Workshops are organized face to face group training performed generally on a full day basis. During workshops, you will be provided with comprehensive notes developed using industry resources plus have the chance to work on real life project examples to fully gain the new skill.

2. Who would be presenting the workshop?

Depending on the workshop topic, different engineers will be running them. However, all presenters are working in industry and would be highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.


3.   What kind of skills you learn during workshop?

Skills taught during workshops are all required industry skills focusing mainly on computer programs and completing hands-on trainings to use programs and produce results like mark ups.  

4.   Do you get a certificate at the end of workshop?

Yes, you will be provided with a certificate of attendance for the workshop.

5.   Can you claim the training hours as your CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?

Yes, you can claim the training hours for your CPD requirements. Refer Engineers Australia to find out about what information you need to provide. 

6.   Do you need to register in advance for a workshop?

Yes, it is crucial that you register in advance and don’t leave it to last minute. Workshop seats are limited and will NOT be available once reached to its capacity.

7.   How many people will be in a workshop?

We value quality and make sure everyone can benefit asking questions and the presenter can mentor attendee individually. So, each workshop will NOT be more than 12 people. 

8.   How do you pay for workshops?

Once you decided which workshop suits you, simply click register button and you will instructed what to do. 

9.   Do you get access to workshop recording to review after workshop?

Yes, for an extra small cost, you will be provided with the workshop recording for a period of 3 months after workshop to practice. Please note sometimes you also will be offered access to some online materials to prepare before workshop, check the workshop page to find out.


Online Courses:



1.   What is the most suitable option for you? A Course or Topic?

Topic: covers only one specific topic around a subject. However, anything related to that topic will be explained inside it.

Course: is consisted of a few topics and are much more comprehensive. They have image gallery where you can search the images using key words. Useful tables and diagrams can be found much quicker this way.


2.   Are online materials for university of industry level?

We have topic/courses developed to learn both university level and industry skills. You can easily filter the online materials to find the topic suits your need. Introductory Courses are more Uni level and Practical Courses are industry based. 


3.   What kind of materials provided inside online topic/courses?

Topics: Online video tutorials plus downloadable notes

Courses: Online video tutorials plus downloadable notes plus image gallery 


4.   Can you download notes after you paid for the course/topic?

Yes, absolutely. You will be able to download some of the notes and save them to your computer. I am sure all of you respect intellectual property, so please do not distribute them between your friends as it took us a lot of time to develop them.


5.   How long do you have access to the course/topic after your purchase?

You will get full access to all our comprehensive notes, tutorials and summaries for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. At the end of 3 months, your access will be limited to the summary section of the topic/course. 


6.   How do you pay for a topic/course to get access?

All payments go through PayPal. Once you selected what topic/course you like simple continue to register as a new user and finalized your payment in PayPal.


7.   What about if you have problem with your access?

If you are having trouble accessing to your paid topic/course, please make sure you contact us and we will fix the problem ASAP.