Corporate Training

Corporate Training is the most efficient way to train your company’s engineer. Weather your company is construction companies or consulting company, we provide the corporate training service as per your special needs and budget. In the first meeting, we conduct free consultation. We adjust training contents based on your company’s situation to make sure we can deliver right contents to your engineers. Corporate Training is our pride. Every training, more than 90% of customers answered that our training is very high quality and strongly recommend to others. We’ve been delivering this service to major construction companies such as Lendlease and ICON CO.

Below are the brief introduction of the major courses we provide. Please contact us ( for more detail about the courses.

1. Concrete Site Practice Course

This course's objective is to make engineers fully equipped with fundamental combined with practical knowledge around PT/RC concrete structures so that they can deal with most common issues on sites with full confidence. This course covers real site-based examples and drawings so that engineers can learn what to look for on site and prevent any problem before any issue happens. This course is recommended not only junior engineers but also senior engineers to enhance capability.

2. Design Software Courses

This course is to reduce the massive knowledge gap for fresh designers. It covers every design program knowledge they need to know to start designing a concrete structures from shoring wall design to reinforced concrete frame and post tensioned slabs. Content is developed to cover all necessary knowledge before use of design programs. As part of the package, attendee complete projects using design programs. Detailing section can be modified to suit your company internal standards. Save time and energy and make your juniors productive by providing them with a structured training.

3. Graduate Program  

This is specially designed for graduates so that new joiners quickly understands principles around major areas such as structures, fitouts, services and façade. TeleTraining's graduate program exactly fills the gap between the university level knowledge and industry needs. Also, This course can be customized by adding each company's specific context as well. If your current graduate program is not very practical so your talented graduates are struggling to catch up to their daily task, we highly recommend this course.